A moment of silence and the National Arts Drive

A moment of silence and the National Arts Drive

A moment of silence and the National Arts Drive

I wanted to take a moment today to step back and reflect.

We will be taking a moment of silence and will not be advertising any services or artwork this week. I've seen other businesses promote, and in my opinion, it seems completely out of place. We will still be responding to emails, communicating with our customers, and handling orders. We feel there's too much uncertainty and unrest in the world to focus on selling our product at the moment. We understand artists depend on us, however we will still be doing our part in providing them quality product a safe platform where they can express themselves freely through their work. Our doors are still open and our website is still running. We just feel out of place trying to sell you a good deal.

In additional to this, we still want to support the RAW Artists National Art Drive (https://www.nationalartsdrive.com/) here in Phoenix. "Now more than ever, we need to keep creativity alive, appreciated, and supported to ensure we preserve the creative culture of our generation." We do not want this movement to fade due to recent developments. It could potentially bring some light into this darkness that both the pandemic and severe injustice have brought.

RAW has a special place in my heart that many other markets can't fill and I wanted to share my quick story.

RAW was my first ever art event. I fell in love with the community immediately and have continued to embrace it. The picture below means the world to me. This was my second showcase with RAW and my first out-of-state event, and you can find me in the center absolutely loving life. I packed up all my work, a week's worth of clothes, flew overnight to Raleigh NC (unfortunately Jeff's wallet was stolen on our way there, and we got weird looks when security pulled out a giant tub of pinback buttons that set off the metal detectors, hah!), took a quick nap, and then made our way to the Ritz with family in tow.

This picture is beautiful to me. We all worked hard, came together under one roof and expressed ourselves in many different ways that night. We were a family.

My heart is broken today for so many reasons. Please stay safe and share some kindness.

- Jeni Himmer