What to expect from selling with us:

  • First and foremost - All artwork must be your own!
  • All items featured will be items we are able to produce on our own.
    • Meaning, we cannot sell tote bags or prints that are made elsewhere.
  • No upfront or extra cost!
    • What you would pay for our printing services is what we take from each order. No extra free!
  • Competitive pricing!
    • We will price items accordingly to ensure you make as much as possible. Based on our "minimum" pricing, the average percentage an artist will profit is 47.21% per sublimation item sold and 57.51% per paper product sold... that's an average of 32% higher than our competitors!
  • Each artist can price their items how they wish.
    • We will take the exact same production cost regardless of how you price your items. Not sure how to price your items? We will set the minimum for you, which still follows the percentages above.
  • Any profit you make will be paid out via PayPal every Monday.
    • As well as a detailed sales report emailed to you. If your work does not sell, you will not receive a report from us unless you request otherwise.
  • We fulfill the orders for you!
    • But we want to ensure you are 100% credited. We will include all information you provide to us below on a post card with each order.

    We purchase most of our stock photos from Make Beautiful Things in order to display our artists' work in a professional manner, and to help them stand out above the rest! No need to provide us display images, unless you have some you'd love to use!

      What you get:

      • Your own Artist Collection Page!
      • 20% off coupon for Make Beautiful Things (stock photos).
      • 15% off a professional photo shoot with Wildlings Photo Co.
      • Free proofs! (quantity may be limited)
      • Be featured in our monthly emails and front page.
      • Create your own space helmet, which will be featured on any t-shirt stock photos in your collection!
      • Artwork will be advertised on Instagram monthly to help reach additional audiences.

      If you're interested, please send us the following information:

      • Full-time or Part-time
      • Display/Brand name
      • First name and last initial
      • Social Media links
      • Website link(s)
      • A short biography or story about your work


      We will reach back out to you to discuss what you'd like to sell!

      Stay rad,
      - Jeni and Jeff


      Please get in touch!