RencArt - Mandala Linen Coasters - Create your own set of 2


Brand RencArt

PLEASE NOTE: An order of one = 2 coasters.

Select your own set! Options/Designs are:

  1. Black and White Bees and Honey
  2. Black and White Nets and Beads
  3. Pink and Green Leaves
  4. Sunset and Art Tools
  5. Teal and Purple Flower
  6. Teal and White Flower
  7. Purple and Blue

Coaster Details

The coasters are 4" x 4" 2 ply square and made with natural colored polyester sublimation linen, which works perfect for our process! However, as this is a natural fiber fabric, small imperfections and fabric differences may be present.

All coasters are hand sewn (not by us) and dimensions may vary slightly.