Customer Spotlight

  • Customer Spotlight - Marisa Rivera

    Customer Spotlight - Marisa Rivera

    Meet Marisa Rivera, an inspiring book illustrator with lots of cat content! How did you get started? "I have always been an artist, like I’m sure almost every artist will say. But it took me a lot of doing the...

  • Nicole Poppell Mural

    Customer Spotlight - Nicole Poppell

    Meet Nicole Poppell! A designer, muralist, and friend, interested in holistically creating experiences through environments, products, and business. How did you get started? "As a kid, I thought I'd grow up to be a graphic designer or architect. I loved...

  • Customer Spotlight - Molly Magnell

    Customer Spotlight - Molly Magnell

    Meet Molly Magnell! She is an overgrown child with a pencil living and working in NYC/ NJ. Molly specializes in creating lifestyle imagery that mixes nature, powerful women, and greenery. She graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from the Sam Fox School in 2018 and Phillips Academy Andover in 2014.
  • Customer Spotlight - Jeremy Nguyen

    Customer Spotlight - Jeremy Nguyen

    I'm so excited to introduce you all to Jeremy Nguyen, a New Yorker cartoonist, illustrator, and humor writer and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Customer Spotlight - Masha Pasichnyk

    Customer Spotlight - Masha Pasichnyk

    Meet Masha Pasichnyk, owner and designer for Couloir Art!

    Masha started with a classical art degree back in Kyiv, Ukraine with her main focus being painting. She's since continued her work after moving to the US seven years ago. "Fortunately selling paintings was a very fun job that involved traveling to shows all over the US. I was able to meet plenty of people and learn a lot about this country." After a while, she felt tired of traveling everywhere and wanted to switch her role as an art manager and focus on commissions. They were profitable, but also tiring as she didn't get to choose what to paint. She then started focusing on selling her own work in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Customer Spotlight - Daniel Summerhill

    Customer Spotlight - Daniel Summerhill

    "I am a poetry professor now; however prior to me beginning my role as a professor, I was a bit of a poetry entrepreneur. My goal was to make poetry accessible and available to as many people as possible because I believe and it has been proven to change the world. So some of the things I did while a full time entrepreneur, I still do now, such as tour to other states to perform poetry and oftentimes when I do, I sell coffee mugs. Everyone wont read a book, but a lot of folks drink coffee, so why not put poetry on the mugs?" (cont.)