Frequently Asked Questions

What stock photos do you use?

We buy most of our stock photos from Make Beautiful Things on Etsy. Paola's mock-ups are very affordable and extremely high quality! We definitely recommend this seller.

What if I want a print size that's not listed?

If you're an artist looking to have a specific size made, but we're not listing it, please select a similar size when placing your order. Then enter in the size you want under the "printing specifics" text box. Keep in mind that we cannot print anything larger than 13"x19" at this time.

For consumers buying artwork, we can only print what sizes are listed as some of these may be specific to the artist's request.

Different/Similar Aspect Ratios

Common Print sizes paired with similar ratios:

Aspect Ratio  1:1 3:4 7:5 4:5 6:5 2:3 17:22
Print Size (in inches) 6x6 3x4 5x7 4x5 10x12 4x6 8.5x11
8x8 6x8 10x14 8x10 6x9
10x10 9x12 11x14 8x12
12x12 12x16 10x15


I'm a Radnaut Artist, when do I get paid?

We will send out payments every Monday via PayPal, as well as a full/official summary of orders placed that previous week (Monday through the Sunday prior to sending the summary and payment).

If not orders have been placed, no summary will be sent (unless you request otherwise) and no payout will be received.