By Jeni Himmer

Full introduction and why we started this company.

We are Jeni and Jeff, founders and owners of Radnaut Prints.

We started this company to support local artists, vendors, and event coordinators within the Phoenix metro area. We wanted to provide affordable printing services and completely cut shipping costs by dropping off orders personally.

I, Jeni, run my own art business, BehindTheBits, and understand the need for cheap supplies, credibility, and credit for my work.

We are not your regular consignment store or print shop, we actually want to challenge those models.

Here's why...
I recently denied a partnership between myself and a needle point company who wished to buy some of my designs for consignment. At first, I was ecstatic! I was excited for the potential of extra income that I didn't really need to work for (who isn't??). But after a few days and some research into their company, I realized how little (if any at all) recognition they gave their artists. It was all about "their" new designs and "their" product, even on social media. I asked them if I would be credited, they said they'll look into getting that added to their website and stated they do credit on social media (though I found little to no evidence of this). Their contracts were vague, I asked for more detail with no response. I wasn't having it at that point.

I may be a bit possessive of my work, and sure, puns aren't anything unique, but I take pride in my little shop and the connections I've built. Emphasis on the connections! I'm happy I chose not to move forward with that partnership (a 3 YEAR partnership might I add). Relationships are my #1 motivator and consignment breaks that completely.

With Radnaut, we want to ensure you get the credit and profit you deserve. Our goal is to help build relationships between you and your customers.

We also want to build a relationship with YOU! We are the fuel to your rocket, and will help take you to the moon and back. ;) (Cheesy alert!)