Sell With Us

The Radnaut selling platform is a print-on-demand service which allows you to avoid large up-front costs and still earn the credit and recognition you deserve. Our artists earn an average of 30% more than Redbubble or Society 6.

A guide and expectations:

  • First and foremost - All artwork must be your own!
  • Get your own collection!
  • Get a unique link you can share with your audience!
  • Optional: HTML will be provided so you can embed your collection onto your own website (not compatible with other Shopify stores). Customers won't leave your site and we'll still get the orders!
  • All items featured will be items we're able to produce on our own (meaning, we cannot sell tote bags or prints that are made elsewhere).
  • No upfront or extra cost!
  • What you would pay for our printing services is what we take from each order. No extra free or percentage.
  • Price your items how you wish! We will take the exact same production cost regardless of how you price your items. Not sure how to price your items? We recommend adding an average of $10 to the production cost (this, of course, is a personal preference).
  • Any profit you make will be paid out via PayPal every Monday.
  • We provide you access to your own Vendor Dashboard, allowing you to see your profit in real time and you'll get notified immediately when any orders come though.
  • We fulfill the orders and manage your listings for you!
  • We will create all your stock photos, unless you have some you prefer we use.
  • We want to make sure your orders are special, so we include a hand written thank-you note plus your social media / website information so your customers can support you outside of Radnaut.
  • Free additional advertising! All images provided to us will be used for advertising purposes only and you will be credited 100% of the time. We advertise on Instagram, Facebook, and through our email marketing.

If you're interested, please send us the following information:

  • Display/Brand name
  • First name and last initial
  • Social Media links
  • Website link(s)
  • A short biography or story about your work

We will reach back out to you to discuss what you'd like to sell if approved! Stay rad,
- Jeni and Jeff