Upload Your Pet Portrait - 11oz Camp Mug

Upload Your Pet Portrait - 11oz Camp Mug

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You must've already purchased (or will purchase in the same order) a custom portrait from Animal Inc Co. before proceeding!

Material: Metal / Enamel
Capacity: 11 fluid ounces
White gift box included!

Image is printed on both sides of the mug. Hand-wash recommended, not microwave safe. All mugs are hand-printed in Arizona with love using sublimation <3

If you're unsure what sublimation is... It's "the process of turning a water-based dye ink into a gas that bonds with polyester fabrics or other polymers. It dyes the polymer molecule, resulting in a vibrant graphic that never washes off." The design you see is permanent and adds no additional layer to the outside of the mug.

*PLEASE NOTE that as these mugs are hand-printed, very slight color, alignment, and image quality variation is to be expected, however all mugs will be produced to the best of our ability.