By Jeni Himmer

Customer Spotlight - Daniel Summerhill

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We focus very heavily on supporting our local creative community and offer a free platform to support local artists, but several of our "printing service" customers are creatives as well.

Creative Medium: Poetry


"I am a poetry professor now; however prior to me beginning my role as a professor, I was a bit of a poetry entrepreneur. My goal was to make poetry accessible and available to as many people as possible because I believe and it has been proven to change the world. So some of the things I did while a full time entrepreneur, I still do now, such as tour to other states to perform poetry and oftentimes when I do, I sell coffee mugs. Everyone wont read a book, but a lot of folks drink coffee, so why not put poetry on the mugs?"

"My poetry sustained me for many years. In fact, years ago, one of my goals was for my poetry to take me around the world. Meaning, I get to see parts of the world and my poetry pays for it. That dream came true several times. My poetry has now taken me to South Africa, Scotland, England, Dubai and Canada so far!"


Daniel is a frequent customer of ours and we met through Etsy. Writing this blog/email really made me sit back in amazement. These are our customers... These are the amazing, beautiful, creative people we get to work with every day. We're beyond grateful, I truly can't put it into words.

Here are a few of his mugs currently available for sale:

Visit his shop and support him directly:


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