By Jeni Himmer

Customer Spotlight - Masha Pasichnyk

Meet the owner and designer for Couloir Art!

Masha started with a classical art degree back in Kyiv, Ukraine with her main focus being painting. She's since continued her work after moving to the US seven years ago. "Fortunately selling paintings was a very fun job that involved traveling to shows all over the US. I was able to meet plenty of people and learn a lot about this country." After a while, she felt tired of traveling everywhere and wanted to switch her role as an art manager and focus on commissions. They were profitable, but also tiring as she didn't get to choose what to paint. She then started focusing on selling her own work in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"As a celebration of this new career independence, my friend and I went on a road trip around California." They rented a campervan and began their journey in Santa Monica, spending their first night on the beach and waking up to the sound of the Pacific waves. "I set up the table and a camp stove. As I was showing this off to my friend, the box with all the provided dishes for this trip fell off the open back of the trunk. Every single plate and mug shattered." They then packed up their stove and table and headed to Starbucks for their coffee instead.

A year later, she launched Couloir Art. She wanted to provide unbreakable and sustainable dinnerware that wasn't made from plastic or paper.

She loves nature and enjoys camping/hiking. "I think nature is my major inspiration and I have several sketchbooks filled with watercolor and ink sketches from all over the States." She hopes that people get a chance to experience home-like meals with their families outdoors without having to either worry about breaking the dishes or spilling food from their soggy paper plates (while also saving the environment by providing reusable campware).

"I love how collaborative and responsive the local community is. I also get inspired by a chance to learn from other makers and share our experiences."

She recently connected a few charities to her online store (, hoping to contribute more to wildlife and the local humane society that protects animals and our natural heritage. Under each item listing, you can select the charity you wish to support (examples include the Pollinator Partnership and the Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation).

She also offers wholesale and sells her work in local retailers like our favorite local Scottsdale shop, The Merchantile.

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